Seams Legit: Eric Bledsoe apparently is really bad with names or has poor vision

First off, here’s the video:

If you don’t want to watch the video, here’s the back-and-forth from reporter who asked the question:

Quite frankly I’m not a big fan of the question Velazquez asked. “Do you take the matchup personally?” Probably wouldn’t ask Russell Westbrook that question.

I could say more, but this is about Bledsoe not knowing who Terry Rozier is.

Just the other night Rozier broke Bledsoe’s ankles. Don’t get me wrong, I’d want to forget that as quickly as possible, too.

This is obviously Bledsoe’s way of throwing shade at Rozier after Game 2, even though just dropped 23 points in his face after doing the VERY same thing in Game 1.

I feel like this is something you do when YOU’RE dominating someone else, even if you’re teams dominating the series. Not when you’re only scoring 9 points in Game 1 and follow that up with a 12-point performance in Game 2.

Quick math, Bledsoe has scored 21 points in the first two games of the series. So he hasn’t even scored as much as Rozier did in either of game.

I’m all about guys talking trash — and the NBA is filled with some of the best trash-talkers in sports — but this is just dumb.

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