Seams Legit: Adam Schefter drops more Tom Brady info that could drive Patriots’ fans mad

Here’s the link to Schefter’s story.

My whole thing in all of this is, since when do guys have to “commit” to playing their next season? It KIND of makes sense in this case since Brady is getting up there in age, but I’ve never heard of this before.

That’s of course not why this is happening. Everyone knows that’s not why this is happening. This is all about Alex Guerrero. Somehow this has evolved into something more though. You’ve got Danny Amendola sitting down with ESPN’s Mike Reiss, talking more than any current or former Patriot about the situation at Foxboro.

Obviously with Jimmy Garoppolo gone and locked into a fat contract with the 49ers, the Patriots have no shot at the promised land if Brady retires.

But now you have a guy — a superstar in fairness — who wants to be placated to, leading the pushback according to NBC Sports Boston’s Tom E. Curran, against a coach who’s never done that with ANYONE. No one is above the team in Belichick’s mind.

As much as everyone wants to think this will end well, this is uncharted territory for the Patriots. Typically Belichick dumps a guy who’s behaving like this, but it’s TOM BRADY. Everyone speculates he’s the guy still instead of Garoppolo because of Robert Kraft. I buy that. Belichick would get rid of him like everyone else, but Brady’s too big for Kraft to allow the typical Belichick treatment.

Patriots fans will try to convince themselves that everything ends up OK, but with everything going on, I’m honestly not buying that it will be anymore.

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