Dark Trinity: Constantine: City of Demons


So John Constantine’s getting another shot on tv, this time in the animated version. Oh and it’s online, too. There will be no spoilers in this, though I have watched it. It’s so short that if i were to go into any specific details it could legitimately ruin an entire episode.

Which is what i want to address first, the format that is. Each episode is somewhere between 5-7 minutes. The whole “first season” is pretty much 30 minutes long. For those who aren’t sports fans, Tom Brady recently did something like this with Facebook where he had 6 15-minute episodes. Obviously most half-hour shows on cable are realistically only 20-22 minutes, there was something about the precision of 15 minutes (roughly) that everyone, myself included, appreciated.

The CW decided to take it to an even further extreme with Constantine: City of Demons. I will say this, there are probably at the most 15 seconds in the entire season that I’d call filler (excluding scene transitions, which was probably like another 15 seconds). Everything was important to the story and interesting. As someone who’s grown to love Constantine the more and more I read his stuff, I’ll definitely be watching for season 2.

That being said, I wouldn’t mind the episodes being a bit longer. Even just 10 minutes would be great. Though I’ll admit, if the concern is too much filler and wasted time, keep the structure as-is. This is a good product that DC fans will enjoy and be left wanting more. It’s also something a random fan might entertain because it’s something they can do in one sitting.

Plus it’s free and you only have to watch one ad, plus the 2-second Pabst Blue Ribbon still in the intro, prior to the episode, which is outside the time of the episode and only lasts 20 seconds.

Very smart experiment on DC and WB’s part and I wouldn’t mind them trying more of it with other characters — especially the darker ones like Constantine.

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