Dark Trinity: Avengers Infinity War speculation

**There is some level of an Infinity War spoiler in this towards the end. If you’re concerned, don’t go past the image I’ve posted.**

This movie looks absolutely insane, we all know this. The biggest talker to emerge from this is who’s going to die…and will there be multiple characters who get the axe?

We’ll get to that in a second. First, the meme that’s taking the nation by storm is one of my ALL-TIME favorites. If you haven’t seen it yet, you haven’t lived. Trust me, I’m not overselling it.


(I don’t know if this is the person who actually drew and wrote it, but it’s where I saw it first.)

There haven’t been a lot of things that united the nation over the past couple years, but if there’s one thing people can agree on, it’s “You don’t mess with John Wick’s dog.” Had no idea where they were going with this when Strange presented a dog to the Mad Titan. Legitimately chuckled audibly.

Second, the theory about Captain America having the soul stone because his eyes turn yellow when he’s holding off Thanos. Ohh wait, his eyes turn yellow while holding off Thanos is attacking him with the Infinity Gaunlet…which is gold…pretty much the same shade of yellow Cap’s eyes turn.

I’m all about a good, movie conspiracy theory — particularly Jar-Jar being Palpatine’s true master — but this is just poor attention to detail on everyone else’s part. THE GAUNTLET IS GOLD!

Lastly, what was mentioned off the top: who will die in Infinity War? We saw there are four leaders based on the recent Infinity Wars trailer: Captain America, Doctor Strange, Iron Man and Thor.

Well we know it won’t be Captain America after a conversation he had with The New York Times. But his departure — whether it’s his death or Marvel does something else — is eminent.

I do want to say two things about Evans in all this.

One, it really sucks Evans kind of spoiled that he will survive Infinity War. Though, I guess he could technically still die in Infinity War and come back to life in Avengers 4, only to die again. Or he could stay dead and appear in flashbacks for Winter Soldier, Iron Man, Black Widow and Falcon.

Two, I get Chris Evans’s notion that, you want to be the one to pull the plug. This is a business relationship for Evans. However, he’s an idiot if he thinks Marvel or anyone else is getting tired of Evans as Captain America. Don’t get me wrong, he’s so damn boring in the comics (excluding Secret Empire from what I hear), but Evans has made him into a badass do-gooder. Didn’t know that was even possible, but he’s done it! Yet he wants out.

I truly think it’s more about what he said a few years back, something along the lines of not wanting to be defined as one character. Look, it’s one thing to be typecast, I get how someone devoted to film or the theatre (imagine that being said in a snooty voice) would care about that. And being remembered for just one role can actually be detrimental to an actor’s career, I get it. But Evans is making money hand over fist in this role. Milk that cow ’til the last drop man! And if you’re remembered solely for being Captain America and no one else, well damn, I feel like that’s about as good as it gets! Plus, it’s not like you’ve only gotten one or two movies out of it. You’re going on 6 and essentially guaranteeing a 7th in some capacity. (Also, let’s be real, NO ONE has seen the other movies you’ve been in. Appreciate how dominant this run has been.)

Anyways, back to who will die in Infinity War. So it’s not Cap. I’d bet a lot of money it’s not Doctor Strange. Which brings us to the heavy favorites: Thor and Iron Man.

I’m going to say no on Iron Man, too. You can’t get rid of more than one of the three major fixtures from the original Avengers. Plus, the MCU will have a replacement for Iron Man when they part ways. Falcon’s there to replace Cap — because it looks like Bucky’s going to become White Wolf. Rhodey will not replace Iron Man for those who don’t follow the comics. It will be a young lady by the name of Riri Williams, codename Iron Heart. They haven’t introduced her yet. And, call me crazy, this isn’t the movie where you introduce her.

Which brings us to the main character in the funniest — and from an objective standpoint the most entertaining MCU movie — Thor. Chris Hemsworth’s contracts up, as much as he might want to continue as Thor, so it looks like the God of Thunder might be going out when his popularity is at it’s height. I realize they don’t have a replacement Thor. Natalie Portman’s Jane Foster seems to make sense based on the comics, but apparently she’s not been contacted about reprising the role. I’m open to a Jane Foster Thor, but the character is definitely not essential. You’d have to do a whole movie devoted to her development, and given the Thor solo movies weren’t so great before Ragnarok, it makes sense they don’t want to make another one. A little different from Iron Man and Iron Heart.

Also knowing that Thor and Thanos will get the most screentime is revealing. As much as the first two solo Thor movies weren’t great, the character’s a fixture in the MCU. Hemsworth deserves a good send-off after the success of Ragnarok and his development of the character in the Avengers movies. Seems like this is where he gets it.

Looking at the secondary characters…

(If Ant-Man does end up showing up, we obviously know he’s fine.)

–Black Panther, Spider-Man, Winter Soldier, Black Widow, Falcon, Hulk, Captain Marvel (assuming she’s a definite) Star Lord and Gamora are all safe.

–Drax may be done. In the comics, he was created to defeat Thanos. Though we’ve seen in the films he’s not exactly THAT tough. Sure he’s a great fighter, but he was nearly killed by Ronin. He could give the final blow, but it’ll likely cost him his life if it comes to that.

–Vision looks like he’s toast base on the very first trailer we saw.

–Scarlet Witch is close to being in that safe group, but I don’t know if she’ll go crazy with her lover, Vision, potentially dying.

–Nebula will probably lose her mind on her step-dad. Wouldn’t rule out her dying fairly early in the film.

–Rocket scared me a bit in the last trailer. He had a look on his face where it seemed like some impending doom was coming. That could be coming his way. Maybe Groot’s. Maybe someone else. Groot is more in the Scarlet witch category, but I’m a bit more scared for Rocket’s safety.

–Hawkeye (who could become Ronin, not the same Ronin from Guardians) would make a lot of sense. He’s basically a tertiary character. If multiple characters die in this movie, he will be one, for sure.

–Heimdall is more of a background character who I wouldn’t include in this (like Wong or M’baku) because those people are fair game. But he may have an Infinity Stone, so it’s worth noting he could be toast, as well. Very likely he doesn’t survive.

–Loki’s been rumored to be a favorite to go, as well. Makes sense, especially if Thor’s roasted. If Loki tries to work with Thanos I could easily see Thanos icing him. And if he kills Thor, I could see Loki losing his mind. Loki hits me as the type who’s OK with burning his brother (OBVIOUSLY) but it has to be on his terms.

If I forgot anyone else…well, my bad.

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