Dark Trinity: X-Men Red #2

A+ cover. As far as I know, Nightcrawler has never looked more fierce. Still such an undervalued character in my mind. Well done Ive Svorcina.

I want to jump ahead to the end, where they discuss the new outfits. I’m sure others feel this way: outfits can make or break a book. As much as it’s grown on me, the Red Hood mask with an actual face on it used to bother me. While I like Deathstroke in orange and blue still, orange and black seems WAY better. Really can’t appreciate Blade as much if he’s not looking like the Wesley Snipes version either.

Which is why I really appreciate the artist, Mahmud Asrar, talking about his direction with the X-Men Red outfits. I still would’ve liked them either way, but knowing what went into it adds more to the design.

Regarding the story, as much as Jean Grey and Nightcrawler have been awesome (and could not be more excited for Gambit to hop on soon), X-23 and Honey Badger are stealing the show. I don’t know a whole lot about Honey Badger, other than she is X-23’s clone/sister, but from what I’ve seen so far, there’s plenty to like! She’s not quite like her “sister” or “dad”. Definitely more happy-go-lucky. Like an actual normal kid.

Not having read the All-New Wolverine, I haven’t witness the development of Laura all that much. But she seems to be every bit as loyal as her own man, with a slightly more controlled temper. Still vicious, but less inclined to “shoot first, ask questions later,” like her dear old dad. No disrespect to the original Wolverine, but I don’t know that I’d want the next character to take on that mantle to be the exact same thing. After all, he’s the best at what he does. And so far, X-23’s doing pretty damn well at being her own person.

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