Dark Trinity: The Walking Dead S8, Ep. 11

Very odd episode. Not necessarily in a bad way, but you can tell the directors are trying to slow play this war a bit. probably too much. They won’t lose me as a viewer, but I could easily see the average viewers dropping like flies.

Looking at what actually went on this week: I really can’t stand Tara. I understand people get immensely emotional in the apocalypse. Rick and Morgan have done PLENTY of dumb stuff that jeopardize the mission. Lord knows Rosita and Carol have made some poor decisions. Daryl may have been the most recent village idiot in the group.

While those have all pissed me off in some capacity — yes, even Daryl — Tara trying to kill Dwight is BEYOND annoying.

Look, we get it. He killed your girlfriend. You loved her and everything. But you know FULL WELL keeping him alive is best for the mission. Killing him leaves you COMPLETELY in the dark. Honestly, if she had killed Dwight, I’d say kick her out. And I also say that because she’s one of the most boring/annoying (depending on how you look at it) characters on the show.

Something else came to my attention in all this, too. Tara more or less said “you can’t switch sides” to Dwight. Ummmmm what?

Is this not the same chick who fought side-by-side with the GOVERNOR in his second go-round against The Prison? If that’s the case Tara, you should leave or be dead, too. You ungrateful, whiny hypocrite!

Ughh I can’t with this girl.

Moving on to the doctor dying, only to find out Saddiq would become his replacement. I guess Carl really did die for a greater reason. Especially considering Gabriel playing his part in helping get the man killed so he couldn’t help any Saviors survive.

Regarding this portion of the episode, I thought things were well executed. Yeah I get there were no real coincidences in the story since everything’s made up, but by making things go so well seemingly randomly, the ended of the doctor and Gabriel being not only captured, but the doctor getting shot came out in left field.

But like Gabriel said, God has a plan. Unfortunately for it to work out accordingly, the doctor had to die in order for the saviors to fail.

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