Dark Trinity: Rogue & Gambit #3

With Gambit being my favorite character in all of Marvel, I’ve always had a soft spot for Rogue. Don’t get me wrong, she’s a badass in her own right. But it really crushes my soul when they’re fighting with one another.

Seriously doesn’t feel right. You have two people with a checkered past, one a man that can get whatever woman he wants — and usually does — and the other woman who could do the same if she didn’t have to worry about killing someone by just making skin on skin contact. But that’s what makes this relationship the purest thing these two have ever had in their lives. As much as they’d like to express their love physically, they’re still bound together by the deep emotions they share. Two badasses who have an unbelievably pure, human soft spot for another being.

Call me soft or a hopeless romantic, but I absolutely love that.

Which is exactly why I fully appreciate that they’re able to share a moment together because their powers were dulled — more specifically because Rogue’s were dulled (sorry chère). It doesn’t happen often enough for these two, so allow them a moment.

But whenever it does happen, usually it means the end of the world or something. In this case it just means they’re in a lot of trouble themselves.

I found it a bit odd they could take on four or five versions of themselves, each, and win. I get everyone had dulled down powers, but it still doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. It was also a bit weird that the clones didn’t talk either. That could’ve playing into it all, too — meaning they didn’t exactly have the same functioning brain as the original Gambit and Rogue.

You would think they’ll figure this whole mess out in the end, but with dementia, amnesia or whatever the hell it is becoming a factor in everything, I’m not exactly sure they’ll be able to do this without some help from the other X-Men towards the end.

Regarding the cover, very fitting. Didn’t realize how on the nose it was when I first saw it and I’m sure most others felt the same. I thought it was more of an allusion for further discussion on their past — not that they’d actually be fighting clones dressed like that.

Again, I know I’m biased, but I love this series. Kelly Thompson’s done a phenomenal job with this. I really hope others feel the same way since that should directly result in more people buying the book and Marvel giving her the reigns to write more Rogue and Gambit.

Last thing, the next cover may be one of my all-time favorites. Gambit’s ehh in it, but Rogue has NEVER looked cooler.

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