Dark Trinity: Explaining my recent absence…

I apologize for not posting since February 27. I was down in Fort Myers, Fla. for MLB spring training, writing even more than I’d initially anticipated. With baseball season starting, the posts will likely not be coming out everyday — though that’s unfortunately been the case for a while.

Going forward, I’ll still weigh in on some of the bigger issues — like Kristen Wiig being cast as Cheetah, plus my developing opinion on who can play Nightwing — as well as discuss the comics I’m reading, while providing my take each week’s episode of the Walking Dead. I would expect 3-5 posts a week going forward.

I’m also hoping to catch up on Deathstroke and Nightwing in DC soon. Would love to weigh in on those. Just frigin need DC to publish the next Deathstroke trade. I’ve also added DC’s The Brave And The Bold: Batman and Wonder Woman, along with DC’s Doomsday Clock. I’ll start commenting on those when their next issues are released.

Had some AWESOME Marvel issues come out this week. Excited to take a BIG TIME victory lap with this next post.

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