Dark Trinity: Avengers #683

Just realizing now I didn’t post anything on Avengers #682, but that came out the day before I left for Florida, so it makes sense.

Anyways, tell me this: WHO CALLED IT FIRST? ME. NO ONE ELSE.

For those who’ve hopped on for the ride later on, I’ve been writing about Avengers: No Surrender since the first issue of the series (Avengers #675) AND IN MY FIRST POST on this story, I said word-for-word “Voyager’s the villain.

Well here we are, it took until issue #683, but it turns out I was spot on. OK, so she’s not the sole villain in this — at least that’s what we think — and I may have wavered on her being bad or not, the point is, I called it from the first issue. 10K from Z Nation couldn’t have done a better job sniping that one. (Is it obvious yet that I’ve been binge-watching the HELL out of Z Nation yet?)

The question with this Voyager person isn’t so simple anymore. We’ve no idea if she’s with the Lethal Legion or Black Order. She might be separate from those two groups altogether, but still working for the Grandmaster or the Challenger. She could be independent in all this, but I highly doubt it.

If I’m a betting man, I’d put all my money on her being a piece in Grandmaster’s plan to ensure the Avengers can’t mess the game up too much. Whether or not I guess this right won’t matter though, nothing can top that prediction from almost two months ago — based off little to nothing.

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