Dark Trinity: Walking Dead is BACK!

So apparently this season of Walking Dead has struggled in terms of viewers. One of the episodes was the lowest rated since season 2. Going against football doesn’t help, no doubt. But I’ve talked to quite a few people (just other random fans) over the years who got sick of the show.

“It’s too slow.”

“Nothing happens.”

“Now it’s just about people fighting people.”

First of all, I don’t know how you make such a long commitment to a show and just give up in the middle. It’s been an event for what, like 8 years? Maybe I’m just wired differently, but unless that was “your show” with someone special that’s not around or in your life anymore OR they dramatically change the show from what it was (which has not happened here), then I don’t see a justifiable excuse.

The idea that something “has to happen” every episode is idiotic. This is life after the Apocalypse. Yeah, you’re going to run into a lot of frigin zombies. But somedays you’re going to get lucky. And a lot of these episodes are taking place on the same day. So they’re setting things up. Otherwise it’s just a bunch of people shooting at each other or zombies with no backstory.

Not to sound too much like a fart-sniffer, but there needs to be substance. Even Z Nation has it to some extent — which by the way, if you want zombie killing ever episode, just watch that, I like it, don’t think it’s a grade-A show, but it’s entertaining and may give the Walking Dead whiners what they want.

Though they’ll probably hate the people fighting one another. Because there’s a lot of that in both shows. And I can’t blame them for that. Lord knows we all get along perfectly in this civilized world. How could they possibly not fair similarly in a post-Apocalyptic world?!

Idiots. And I’m talking about the complainers.

This is exactly what should happen once people learn to deal with the Walkers efficiently and form larger groups once they become acclimated to the zombie-filled world. The strong prey on the weak.

Who would’ve thought that’d happen in a world with no laws where everyone’s just trying to survive to the next meal?

Good thing those morons didn’t stick around. This season hasn’t been the most unpredictable or action-packed at all! (In case you couldn’t tell, I’m being sarcastic.)

If you left and have contemplating coming back, I suggest you do it now. The second half of this season will be insane.

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