Dark Trinity: Avengers #681

We now have a better understanding of who the Voyager is and what’s her origin story. A nice touch on everything, but thankfully didn’t engulf the entire issue. Seemed like there was only so much there and it would’ve been a waste to stretch it out.

I actually found this to be one of the better issue in the No Surrender storyline — with a great ending the best Hawkeye entrance I’ve every witnessed.

The Avengers have gotten the answers they needed. Both teams (New Mexico and Peru) know as much as the Black order and Lethal Legion do now. Which still doesn’t answer the greater reason of “why” the game’s happening. We know from the issue #679 that the Challenger is trying to become Grandmaster once again. Maybe they’ll find out at some point, though it doesn’t really seem pertinent for what they’re trying to accomplish.

Best part of all this was the narrator. We’ve had the Challenger speak, along with several Avengers (starting with Living Lighting, who just goes by Lighting now and really isn’t much of a draw.) But the writers — Al Ewing, Jim Zub and Mark Waid — made a great call in telling us more about what is actually the 7th Lethal Legion Marvel’s rolled out, with a whole new crop of characters.

Captain Glory, who’s kind of got a blended look that’s part Nova, part Captain Marvel and part Captain America, is a Kree soldier and this issues narrator. We learn the group has been put together for this game alone, never knowing each other before the Grandmaster handpicked each of them.

Which is great to know, because I thought I’d been missing out on something the whole time!

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