Dark Trinity: Jordan v. Evans recovery from Human Torch role

Not every superhero casting has been right. Some people have been lucky not only to get a shot at redemption, but to have also played a role that was so irrelevant or take part in superhero movies when there were as big as they are now.

Michael B. Jordan’s been involved in this conversation since it was released that he was playing Killmonger, with the hope he’d make up for being Johnny Storm in yet another terrible Fantastic Four movie. Certainly followed in Chris Evans footsteps, recovering from a terrible Fantastic Four film.

But truth be told, Evans wasn’t a bad Johnny Storm, the Fantastic Four just suck outside of him — though the Thing is kinda cool. Mr. Fantastic just fault out sucks and I’m not a big fan of invisibility — though I wouldn’t mind having that superpower myself sometimes.

Evans’s experience against Jordan’s isn’t exactly apples to apples though. Evans took on the Torch in a time where superhero movies were entertained, but not a thing like they are now. Both his Fantastic Four films came pre-Marvel Cinematic Universe, during the wild west hen Blade, the X-Men and Toby McGuire’s Spiderman were the best Marvel movies we’d seen. Evans as the Human Torch even preceded Heath Ledger as the Joker in The Dark Knight.

So I wouldn’t say his bounceback was as difficult. And again, he probably did the best job of the four, in addition to being part of a team people don’t like as much. It’s not like he played someone like, oh I don’t know, let’s say Daredevil, and totally disappointed us all.

Anyways, Jordan’s case was a bit different. he took on the role in 2015. Phase 2 in the MCU had just ended. X-Men was in the midst of it’s reboot after a decent First Class and pivotal Days of Future past. Plus, Fox had Deadpool on the way in the coming year.

Not a good time to have a bad superhero movie, just ask DC.

Yet Fox found a way. Not hard when you’ve got the dullest superhero team in the world and you cast Miles Teller as Reed Richards, totally different from any other role I’d seen him in. Who thought there was a way to make Richards suck more? Might be the worst superhero casting of all time.

At least Ioan Gruffudd portrayed Richards well — not his fault he’s a brutal character.

Playing the Torch helped Jordan, since he’s the hardest character to hate in the group, given his powers are pretty damn cool. But he was a bit more in the spotlight than others because there was a black man playing a white character — which really shouldn’t matter. If the guy or girl plays the character right, what’s the difference? Especially if the character’s fictional.

Anyways, Jordan’s version of the Fantastic Four flopped, even harder than Evans’s according to Rotten Tomatoes. Can’t say I’d argue with them this time.

So then comes the debate, who bounced back better from the Human Torch role?

Seems pretty obvious Evans has made more out of his second superhero/villain role. Not much debate there.

However, there’s no doubt Jordan had more of an uphill battle than Evans. Maybe not with directors or people in the business after he’d knocked out Creed — pun not intended — but with the fans who knew he was part of one of the few brutal Marvel movies since the beginning of the MCU. So you could argue he made a greater leap than Evans did.

Either way, they both have done an exceptional job since being the Human Torch. Maybe the next guy will get it right AS THE HUMAN TORCH.

Actually . . . forget I said that. There’s no way to get the Fantastic Four right.


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