Dark Trinity: Black Panther

Before we get into spoilers, this movie was VERY good. Certainly in the top tier of MCU movies. But to say the it was the BEST MOVIE BY FAR? I’m still taking Winter Soldier, Thor: Ragnarok and Guardians of the Galaxy over Black Panther. I’d say it’s in that second tier of top-notch movies.

Without getting into particulars, I can understand why Kevin Feige would say it’s the best movie Marvel Studios has ever made. Storyline was very good, so was the villain and the action. But the biggest difference in Black Panther above all else was the visual effects. The Wakandan technology looked REAL. If an alien race had seen this to get an idea of what Earth was like, I could see them believing the tech we saw was actually existent on Earth.

Also, this is the first MCU movie to have a real, timely message at the heart of it.


(You’ve been warned!)

T’Challa was very good, but he needed a kick-ass villain like Killmonger. Definitely one of the best villains the MCU has seen thus far. So they naturally HAD to kill him. Unbelievable. I can never get a grip on how people truly feel about Loki, I know I like him, but I’m surprised he hasn’t been killed off or anything yet. (I know, I know. We all think he might get axed in Infinity War.) Killmonger is one of the angriest dudes I’ve seen in these movies. And Michael B. Jordan makes it all feel REAL.

As great as Killmonger was though, my favorite character in all this was General Okoye, played by Danai Gurira, better know as Michonne from The Walking Dead. Not even kidding, if you take away Killmonger and Black Panther’s heightened herb-based powers, which can be done, and put either of them up against Okoye, they lose. She’s the most disciplined fighter in the film and is a strong as anyone that’s not taking herbs to gain superhuman strength.

Her only flaw was falling for that idiot W’Kabi (Daniel Kaluuya). No one’s perfect though. But she’s pretty damn awesome, definitely one of the best non-superhero characters we’ve seen in the MCU. Maybe even the best.

M’Baku and Shuri give Okoye a run for her money though. Both characters bring humor, probably the two funniest characters in the movie, and they’re badass in their own way.

I tend to prefer M’Baku over Shuri because I prefer characters who rely on fighting skills primarily over those who lean heavily on advanced tech. But they were both great characters who caught my attention EVERY time they were on camera.

One of the deeper supporting casts I can remember.

Certainly a must see movie, though all MCU movies pretty much are. I give it a 9.1, trailing only Guardians of the Galaxy (9.2), Captain America: Winter Soldier (9.2) and Thor: Ragnarok (9.3).

(And I understand it had the second-biggest Opening Weekend in US Box offices by an MCU film ($192 million), trailing only the Avengers, but look at number 5 on at that list. Yeah, it’s Iron Man 3 ($174.1 million). Oh and number 3? Age of Ultron ($191.3 million) Think those two were absolutely brilliant? Yeah, didn’t think so.)

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