Dark Trinity: Cable #154

In terms of the main plot stuff that went on this issue, it’s pretty obvious what went down. Hard to have these amazing action sequences against one all-powerful character when there’s a limit on what everyone else can do. That’s not saying Jon Malin’s art was bad, he does well, there’s just not real fight in the course of the book. Just Gideon laying waste to everyone after a few feeble attempts from Shatterstar and Armor among others. Selena did fight back, but I’m honestly not interested in her.

That being said, the way Blink brings a finish to everything was awesome. She seemed to have a hard time with it afterwards, but seems like she had no other option with the way things were going.

The last pages clearly illustrate something else is on the horizon. Not sure if it’s Gideon related for later on or the next issue Cable’s set to deal with, but it’s something that will create some level of a problem later on.

The X-Men “X” logo at the end seems to signify this Cable series is at it’s end with #155 up next. Smart move by Marvel to continue giving Cable his own title at this stage, given he’s coming up in Deadpool 2. The title isn’t like some of the other Marvel titles I tend to criticize, but Cable doesn’t exactly blow me away.

If you’re a hardcore X-Men or Deadpool fan and haven’t read his stuff lately, his newer stuff is worth your time, and if you want to learn more about the character, I’d go back to when he had to kart Hope Summers all across time (though I REALLY don’t like the artwork from that series). But if you’re just newer to comics in general, just looking to find something that can draw you in, I would not recommend reading Cable at first.

He’s cool, but there’s only so much to him in the books. He’s a soldier on a mission and focused on that at all times. He has some great fights and looks like a badass — because he kind of is — but he’s definitely not going to blow your mind and draw you into comics. He has more of an old school feel to him though and I don’t know how well that translates to a newer reader.

I’ll certainly keep reading Cable, but I give this last arc a C+ — art was good, and the story wasn’t bad, but not good enough for me to recommend it to anyone.

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