Dark Trinity: Avengers 680

One rule Marvel should keep in mind: you can never have too much Rogue. And I’m talking the jacked up Rogue, not the Anna Paquin version.

Best issue yet in this No Surrender series, BY FAR.

Down and dirty Rogue is the best kind of Rogue there is. She’s right, when she said how the Human Torch used to tell her she’s not a bad person, she’s just done some bad things. Wherever I’ve read or seen Rogue in anything, she’s always been a good person. It’s plain as day.

But one thing we don’t see Anna Marie do too often is let loose. This issue being a MAJOR exception when she sucks the life out of Corvus Glaive. Frigin DESTROYS him in a blink. That’s the woman she can be in an instant — which is probably a big reasons humans hate mutants, because that’s terrifying (in addition to their desire to have powers like mutants because let’s be real, WHO wouldn’t want sick powers?)

Doctor Voodoo and Scarlet Witch have also come into the fray. Their involvement should make things even easier for the Avengers in South America. Can’t imagine the Lethal Legion or Black Order having a strong answer for both at one site. (Citizen V’s there, too, but I seriously know nothing about him.)

It looks like my second theory about the frozen Avengers was pretty accurate with Janet van Dyne joining the action after being frozen. She pretty much said that was the case actually.

At the end of the issue two characters are shown. One looks like it might be the Hulk, though I’m not certain. Could be someone that isn’t an avenger. But the army green text boxes lead me to believe it’s him. The other one is the ultimate weapon. You should know by know that’s Wolverine. I would think he’ll join the South American team given his location. Always a game changer. Always makes things more entertaining.

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