Dark Trinity: Red Hood #19

At first, I didn’t get the hole date theme. Then I realized today was Valentine’s Day!

Normally you want some level of action in an issue. That’s usually the best part of comic books. BUT, this one was great despite the lack of action. True testament to how Scott Lobdell has written this series. He continues to further develop these characters and add small little elements that can grow into something more.

Before getting into the whole dating aspect, let’s look at larger plot at hand. Looks like the Bizarro problem is finally going to be addressed. He’s completely lost his mind in the course of everything, so Red Hood and Artemis will have their hands full fairly soon. Something tells me it’s going to take a conversation with Jason after a long fight with Artemis for Bizarro to realize he needs to let his intellectual side go.

Looking at the issue at hand, I honestly thought Artemis and Jason were on a date. Clearly he has some level of feelings for her – which we say in the Red Hood and the Outlaws annual, unless he was just generally pissed off a Nightwing’s ability to charm any woman. It seemed like they were having a nice time. But once Artemis alluded to going to a private place for some “alone time,” it seemed like she was far more forward than I expected.

In the end though, she was just using the whole “date” as a cover-up. Real roll of the dice on her end going to a secluded area that Bizarro couldn’t find.

And honestly, even WEIRDER move by Jason to go to the Bat Cave when Artemis made it seem like she wanted some “alone time.” Jason was duped just like I was, too. He wrote it out on the white board! Clearly thought there was some level of romance throughout the evening. BUT like most guys do, myself included, he misread the signals.

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