Dark Trinity: Rogue and Gambit #2

Once again, another strong performance by Kelly Thompson. Pere Perez did another good job, too. Really appreciate him altering his art between the flashback pages and the present. Action scenes were very fluid, too.

In this issue, Rogue and Gambit share a moment after discussing the first time they met. More importantly, we see how much Rogue truly loves Gambit. That doesn’t necessarily mean things will work out between them, because there’s a chance their minds are being altered — like when they were under the Shadow King’s control way back — but her explanation for why she doesn’t count the actual first time they met as “the first time they met,” is from the heart. No amount of powers or magic is going would lead her to make something like that up. She cherishes the special times she and Gambit have had, so she hates the idea of anyone else somehow corrupting it.

Really is a nice moment.

Sorry, I’m a hopeless romantic, can’t help it.

On another note, the love birds have stumbled upon a mess and it looks like there won’t be a lot of therapy sessions in the next episode. Expecting a lot of action with a lot of random mutants involved. And there are few characters I enjoy watching kick ass more than Gambit.

If there’s a couple that can handle that, it’s these two. (Well, maybe Kitty Pride and Colossus, too. You get the point).

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