Dark Trinity: X-Men Red #1

Full disclosure, I did not read X-Men Gold or Blue. I don’t think they have anything to do with one another, but in case they do, that’s out in the open.

I’m not big into the political world to be perfectly honest. There’s a lot of layers as to why, but there’s no reason to get into that here.

That being said, the X-Men’s bread and butter is earning equal rights for mutants. Firmly believe that helped in my development as someone who doesn’t look at people differently just because of their appearance, upbringing, religion, etc. I know I’m not alone in that either.

And that’s where X-Men Red appears to be heading. Not necessarily easy to do in this climate, but I’m all for it. And I’m not going to say THIS IS THE COMIC BOOK WE NEED RIGHT NOW. Anyone who says that probably shouldn’t be writing about comic books.

But going back to the story, I like the idea of Jean Grey handling the political realm. Even more so, I like her and Nightcrawler taking charge. Maybe they’ve worked hand in hand more in the past than I realize, but it feels like this is a two-some we haven’t seen often but makes total sense.

Cassandra Nova has been revealed as the villain in all this. Quality nutjob. Makes for a very good villain in all this.

Regarding the art, very bright, which makes sense for the X-Men because unlike Batman or Moon Knight (typically) the X-Men’s work is done in the open, not darkness. Very fitting.

The cover is pretty awesome, too. Definitely like it more than the X-Men blue and gold ones I’ve seen.

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