Dark Trinity: Avengers #679

I don’t think Torch is dead. Just frozen and out of play until the game is over. And I get the idea, keep making it harder for the team that earns points.

At first it seemed like the Avengers were involved in a life or death battle. Probably because they were at first. But now that they’ve won a point, seems like they probably won’t be killed, since everyone else knows it’s a game.

Doesn’t mean they won’t get their asses kicked.

Issues 679 was took a deeper look at the Grandmaster and the Challenger, who used to be the self-proclaimed Grandmaster, before his friend challenged him. Honestly thought the current Grandmaster wasn’t an evil dude at first, given the tone of the Challenger. Clearly the Challenger wasn’t always a jerk. And although he’s turned into a bit of a nutjob, he’s just hurt. Doesn’t justify his behavior, but at least now we know he’s not a random jerk.

Though, they did have some high-stakes games before his banishment . . . I digress.

We know the Avengers will eventually come out on top, but I really don’t know how they’ll do it with the badass-looking Lethal Legion and psychotic Black Order planning for their involvement in the contest.

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