Dark Trinity: Venom Trailer

Well that wasn’t what I expected.

Don’t get me wrong, the movie looks good and all, but you would think they’d at least show the symbiote attaching itself or starting to cover Eddie Brock’s body. Yeah we saw it held in some container, and yes, we saw some cool action scenes.

But we want Venom action scenes. Not just Tom Hardy running around fighting people. Might as well be Die Hard or some other action film.

And that’s been the difference between the MCU and other superhero movies. We don’t get the plot, but we get the things we want from their trailers.

As much as I’m excited for Venom, this trailer does have me slightly concerned as to how much we’ll see Hardy as Venom and not just Brock. Now I could be totally overanalyzing here — wouldn’t be the first time — but that’s a reality that’s not out of the realm of possibility.

Just think: season one of Daredevil on Netflix. Sure he was a badass and the “Man in the Mask” worked out really well, but we waited the entire season to see Matt Murdock wear his Daredevil outfit.

People might riot if Sony does that in a movie, but we’ve seen dumber things happen.

As much as this all annoys me, this isn’t entirely a bad move by Sony. Show less early. Gives us something, but keeps us dying for more. Now they can give us more without giving too much. Kind of like what Fox has done with Deadpool 2.

Hopefully we get more. More importantly, hopefully we don’t have to wait the entire movie to see Venom.

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