Dark Trinity: New Deadpool Trailer

Seems like just yesterday I said how Marvel Studios couldn’t do much more to get us excited for Infinity War. Simply because we all know this movie’s going to kick ass. Well, don’t know about everyone else, but I was pretty much equally excited for Deadpool 2.

Yet this new Deadpool 2 trailer has me wondering which movie I’m looking forward to more. Deadpool is without question one of my favorite superhero movies, and he’s the ultimate mini-series character in the comics — though some have been flops **cough** Deadpool v. Gambit **cough**.

I’ve read a fair amount of Cable, too. Far more than I ever expected to be perfectly honest. He good as a main character in the comics but not great. That being said, he seems like a character who’d translate excellently to the big screen. And we were finally given a real taste of that with the trailer.

We already know Cable’s traveling back in time and probably needs to prevent some event from happening, so there’s no need to expose any of the plot. All I cared about was seeing if Cable would be a badass or not. Honestly, I think Josh Brolin will be more fun as Cable than as Thanos — and that’s not because Thanos is a villain. I just think Thanos is an all-powerful character and I generally don’t find those as interesting as someone like Cable, who has power, but has limitations.

Either way, the people in charge of the Deadpool franchise continue to kick ass with trailers. It’s almost like a mini-episode with all the 4th wall nonsense. (Maybe they could help the people in charge of Gambit get their act together. Just a thought.) Favorite part had to be the shot Deadpool took at Superman’s mustache CGI in Justice League. Legitimately laughed out loud. Expect to do that ton at the theaters, too.

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