Dark Trinity: Han Solo and Avengers Teasers

I’m sure there’s a good chunk of you who could give a damn who won the Super Bowl. BUT you knew there were some big time trailers coming out that were must see — although, you can see them pretty much anywhere right now.

Anyways, anything we see going forward with the Avengers: Infinity War, until the actual movie itself, will be pretty underwhelming. It’s just hard to create any more hype about a movie we all have such high expectations for.

Although, it did seem like we caught a bit of Captain Marvel’s uniform — the traditional one, not the blue one we say in the set pictures from her solo movie. Don’t know why that’s sent some people into a tizzy, but it is the one reveal from the trailer.

I guess Captain America — or Nomad if he goes by that — did show off his new shield. But again, I’m not exactly losing my mind over a shield. Plus, the action figure for the movie was released before the trailer. So if you keep up with everything you might’ve already known that.

What I WAS very excited about was the Han Solo movie trailer. And maybe this is on me, but I had NO idea that a one Daenerys Targaryen  (Emilia Clarke) was in the movie. She probably won’t have her dragons in this movie, but she’s going to kick ass nonetheless.

I feel like I’d heard Woody Harrelson was in the movie before, but either way I like his style. Of course we all knew Donal Glover was taking over as Lando Calrissian. GLover has great range, hope he does Billy Dee Williams’s portrayal justice. Needs to have a big role in this, too. The people want Lando.

I know nothing about Alden Ehrenreich . . . other than I have no idea how to properly pronounce his last name.

The trailer is probably leading us in the completely wrong direction, but it doesn’t matter. We got what we wanted, a reason to be excited. Plus Chewbacca. He was a given, but he always makes things better.

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