Dark Trinity: Moon Knight #191

I know the cover might seem a bit tacky since it’s the over-used allusion to Grant Wood’s “American Gothic” painting — the internet’s a beautiful thing — but I love it. Especially how Moon Knight’s drawn. He may have been more jacked from 2006-2012, but I really like this costume. The current isn’t that much different from the 2006-2012 in theory, I guess, but his get-up seems much more . . . WHITE I guess.

Plus, I like it more than the Mr. Knight get-up. Not that I don’t like that look, it’s just not nearly as badass — which I can actually explain for once. This current outfit has the ridiculous bright white cape, letting everyone and their mother know Moon Knight’s coming, and he doesn’t care you know. Yes, yes, the Mr. Knight get-up had the same concept in mind, but the tie and formal attire made him seem more detective-esque than crazed fighter, which is what Moon Knight is. It’s an OK change of pace, but this is where the money’s at

And I will say — again not that I dislike this outfit either — they are bother better than when he integrates black into the equation. A black mask is one thing, but too much darkness in his outfit takes away from the lunatic this guy is.

Anyways, on to issue #191. We get to learn more about Ra — which somehow involves frigin Cthulhu (shoutout South Park) — which I genuinely appreciate. We know very little  about this god up until this point, so it was nice to have a bit of clarity.

The Truth (dude with the blue eyes) is out of prison, working with Bushman and Ra. You may remember he has no effect on Moon Knight, but I’m willing to bet you can’t say the same for Marlene or their daughter, Diatrice.

Good mix of fighting and moving in the right direction.

If you’re not familiar with Moon Knight, this might not be the best series for you so far. Although he’s found out he has a kid, there’ been almost no character development for Spector — typical of Marvel books these days (in case you HADN’T heard — but there’s been good development of the villain, Ra, and the plot is pretty good, too. So if you know the character, this continues to be a good read, but those new him may want to read some of his older issues. You don’t need to read them all, just enough to have a better foundation.

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