Dark Trinity: Avengers #678

Again, another theory proven wrong with quicksilver not being reanimated after Vision was frozen again.

BUT weirdly enough, we saw Voyager come back to the base and Vision was frozen again. Meanwhile, Quicksilver remained frozen. Whoever’s doing this must’ve seen these specific heroes as greater threats than the others. It’s strange that they’d overlook Quicksilver, though. And Rogue for that matter.

Regardless, this had a TON of action. Awesome step in the right direction after the last issue.

Human Torch shared his thoughts with us throughout. Definitely the best character from the Fantastic Four. The Thing’s cool, but Johnny Storm is without question a better character and the only one from the group that can venture out on his own and work well. Doesn’t mean Thing isn’t good with other teams, I just couldn’t see a solo serious with him doing all that well. (Though their branch-off, team-up in the Marvel Legacy is tempting. Doubt I’ll pull the trigger though.)

Anyways, the Black Order and the Lethal Legion are going at it, the Avengers make some progress and we get this all out battle that’s showing little signs of a winner — though the Lethal Legion hasn’t been all that impressive in comparison to the Black Order.

The Black Dwarf is gone for the moment or dead and it looks like a particular Avenger might be, too. I doubt it. They’re probably just removed from the game for the time being because the won the round for their respective “teams.”

Didn’t even realize there were rounds in all this, so I wonder what that even means going into next week’s issue (#679, #5 in the series).

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