Dark Trinity: Tales of Suspense #101

This is exactly how the series needs to be written. Do not change A THING, PLEASE!

I can’t claim to know the number of people reading this series, but I’d be willing to bet — and I’m no betting man — that at least 65% of the people reading the new run of, “Tales of Suspense” hopped on board because of Winter Soldier. Not Hawkeye.

I don’t mind Hawkeye. He’s the perfect character to pair off with Winter Soldier or even Old Man Logan (as Old Man Hawkeye). But as THE guy? No, no. Sorry that’s not gonna get it done. He’s funny, which plays well, but he’s not bringing much else to the table outside of that. No special powers. Doesn’t have this badass way about him either. And he fights with a bow. Fix any one of those things and Hawkeye can carry a series with the focus on him more so (though Old Man Hawkeye DOES look kinda cool).

Which was part of my concern after the first issue, but it seems like we’ll see each of them get issues told from their perspective. That’s fine. Personally would’ve led with Winter Soldiers in issue 100, but I also understand in terms of the actual plot it makes more sense to lead with Hawkeye.

Some more action in this, which is to be expected. Very well done.

And we see who’s acting as the late Black Widow. What’s weird is when they catch her in the act, she loses her frigin mind over Winter Soldier — in a bad way (not like, “Oh my God, you’re such a dreamboat”). And she’s speaking Russian, even though she must speak English, too, given the imposter and Hawkeye have met before.

Very strange ending, but a good one. All-around good step in the right direction. Much more excited for issue 3 (#102) after having read 2 (#101) in this five-part series than I was for two after having read one (#100).

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