Dark Trinity: Antman and the Wasp trailer

It still baffles me that Paul Rudd is a superhero. And what’s more shocking is he’s actually an awesome superhero. He’s not one of my favorites, but Scott Lang’s been a pretty sweet addition to the MCU.

BUT, I think we’re about to see him get one-upped. Hope van Dyne. What a frigin BAD-ASS. Movie looks great, seems like a whole new mess that Scott Lang’s created from joining up with Captain America during the Civil War.

Here’s what I’m most confused about in this all though. The movie comes out AFTER Avengers: Infinity War. It doesn’t exactly look like these characters are dealing with a pos-apocalyptic Earth. Maybe it’ll take place before the Infinity War? Seems like that’d make sense since they cite Civil War.

I don’t know.

What I do know is Marvel’s apparently already kicked ass with Black Panther — trailers of course are all I’ve seen, but they look great — and it seems impossible for Infinity War to suck. So once again, another great year for Marvel on the movie side of things. And we’re JUST finishing up the month of January.

And DC has what, Aquaman coming out this year? That’s it? Jason Momoa’s a bad man, but he won’t be enough. The people running the DCEU have officially become that meme where the dog is surrounded by fire saying “this is fine.”

DC can dominate comics all they want, but they continue to miss out on the big bucks. Maybe, MAYBE they’ll figure it out someday.

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