Dark Trinity: Netflix show you may have missed…The Last Kingdom

Hopefully I’ll have some more of these down the line for you, especially on days that are a bit slower than others. I know my focus here is typically on comic book-oriented items, but we all have our other fantasy/medieval/science fiction stories we like.

This one falls under the medieval category. If you haven’t seen The Last Kingdom, the first two seasons are on Netflix right now. Willing to be season 3 comes out over the summer.

While it has the castles and dragons theme like Game of Thrones, there are two pretty significant differences between the two shows, in terms of content:

1. There aren’t any dragons and zombies in The Last Kingdom.

2. While this show is also based on a fictional book, it has some historical relation, loosely, to late 900-earl 1000 Britain.

But the show still has a lot of characters die. A LOT. Honestly rivals Game of Thrones perfectly in that regard, except these characters get ripped away from us more quickly.

In terms of how the series is handled, one thing the director and producers did with The Last Kingdom did very well that the people with GoT don’t, is there’s always something happening on this Netflix/BBC collaboration. These 55-minute to hour long episodes have so much going on every episode. You never feel short-changed. Sometimes it feels like the episodes last forever, but not in a bad way — we’ve just become so accustomed to shows going on forever and giving us nothing in a week.

I can honestly say The Last Kingdom is one of the few shows (Peaky Blinders being another) that gives us an episode where “something happens” every time. The thing is, this show has at least 3 things happen every episode. No one is safe. The direction is constantly changing. No alliance is safe.

Well worth your time, especially if you like Lord of the Rings, GoT and Vikings.

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