Dark Trinity: Avengers #677

First things first, I was wrong about it only being old heroes who were frozen. Saw Squirrel Girl was frozen and, call me crazy, but I’m pretty sure she’s not exactly an original Avenger.

Also based on what we saw with the Grandmaster and the other challenger, I think the Voyager’s off the hook. At least for now.

Honestly, this is one of those issues where I’m at the end thinking “meh.” Sure Quicksilver’s the main focus and he’s in some trouble at the end. But it’s a half-assed attempt at developing a character. They’ve been including one hero’s perspective included in each issue, not really doing much for me at this point.

The big thing is they’re making it seem like someone will is about to die. Quicksilver seems to obvious if it’s happening in the next issue. Sometimes obvious is the way to go, but that doesn’t seem like Marvel’s style in these situations.

Normally there’d be a prediction at this point, but I really have no clue who it’d be besides Quicksilver — which I just said WON’T happen.

Moving on to him being frozen by the end of the issue. Looks like that happened right when Vision was unfrozen, good chance those events are linked. Is that because Scarlet Witch was also thinking about her brother or will a finite amount of heroes have to be frozen in this universe or dimension? Probably a bit of both. Weird nonetheless.

Going back to the Voyager theory I’d developed . . . again, she’s off the hook momentarily, but don’t rule out the Grandmaster or his unidentified challenger having forced her to play a part. It’s likely she’s not evil, but something may have happened that she was forced to work for the villains.

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