Dark Trinity: Logan nominated for an Oscar

As much as Logan still deserves more than what it’s getting credit for, being nominated for an Oscar for Best Adapted Screenplay is a huge win for comic book movies. Especially when people like Jodie Foster express comic book movies are effecting what people look for in movies.

Or should I say “FILM,” so it appears I know more about movies than the average person.

Logan may not be everyone’s favorite superhero movie, but anyone who appreciates the genre can admit it’s one of the best we’ve seen yet. And based on what The Academy appears to value, it’s the only film that could fit the mold. That doesn’t mean I don’t think Wonder Woman or Thor: Ragnarok are better movies than Lady Bird or The Post — who were both nominated for best picture — Wonder Woman and Thor: Ragnarok just don’t have the same elements most of these other movies do.

Which is why it’s ridiculous that Logan isn’t up for Best Picture. I’m not saying it should win necessarily — Get Out is my pick no matter what, amazing movie if you haven’t seen it — but there’s a few reasons why it could absolutely be in consideration.

One, if it checks off the boxes to be nominated for Best Adapted Screenplay, then it must do the same for Best Picture. It’s not like we’re talking about Happy Gilmore here.

Two, assuming one makes sense — which it does — shouldn’t box offices be considered in some capacity? There were 13 movies in 2017 that grossed over $200 million, and Logan was one of them. Not a single one on the Best Picture list eclipsed that mark. Dunkirk came close at just over $188 million and Get Out made just over $175.5 million. Both awesome movies that did well enough.

But then you’ve got movies like Lady Bird that didn’t make $40 million? Or The Post, that’ll DEFINITELY do worse in theaters?

This is where The Academy needs to step into the 21st century with everyone else and EVOLVE. I’m not saying Jason Mamoa deserves to be 2017’s Best Supporting Actor for his badass interpretation of Aquaman, but give credit where it’s DUE.

Logan was one of the best “FILMS” of the year. It had the elements the frigin Academy looks for and people actually went to see it! And they liked it! How many times has a movie won best picture and you never saw the movie? Maybe never even heard of it.

So to the members of the “prestigious” academy: thank you for taking the big step in giving Logan some level of acknowledgment. Also, keep pushing the boundaries. Some of us might find these awards stupid, but if the right people are getting recognition, you’d be surprised by the amount of people who actually tune in for more than just making fun of all the obnoxiousness in one room.

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