Dark Trinity: Deathstroke v. Batman

So Slade Wilson and Bruce Wayne are having a fight over who’s Damian Wayne’s real dad? First off, if Christopher Priest is writing it, I’m in. Dude does a phenomenal job. (Sidenote: I will definitely do a post at some point on my favorite comic book writers and artists. Maybe a combined post? I don’t know if I can write enough worthwhile opinion on an artist for a solo post. ANYWAYS…)

Not sure I’d necessarily care if he’s my kid of not. Damian’s a bit of a lunatic. Certainly wouldn’t describe him as the most respectable human being either.

Also, Talia al Ghul has her way with the big dogs — Deathstroke, Batman, Red Hood and I’m sure I’m forgetting someone. Girl’s got game. Can’t say I blame any of them either.

If you weren’t already reading Deathstroke — I’m still working to catch up on — April would be a good time to hop aboard (that’s when this 6-part series starts).

Now neither are going to die, of course, but can Deathstroke actually beat Batman? No, sorry, can’t even entertain that for a second. Deathstroke’s even said it himself, he’d be dead if Batman wasn’t above killing villains. But it will be close, there’s no question there. There’s a select few characters who Batman goes toe-to-toe with that can ACTUALLY hang with him — Deathstroke’s one of them.

What I’m really looking forward to is following this from Deathstroke’s perspective versus Batman’s. Wilson’s the protagonist in the situation, sort of. He’s the main character at least. I want him to kick Batman’s ass. And maybe Priest makes it so it’s more of a draw.

Honestly, the more I write about this, the more I’m thinking Batman might not win — remember, a tie IS NOT A WIN. Totally cool with me, I’d prefer that to be honest.

Either way, this is going to be a great series.

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