Dark Trinity: Avengers: No Surrender #675 & #676

Anyone else who’s read these first few issues rattled? Never been much one for reading the Avengers, though I do love the movies, but my comic book guy recommended it and I have a hard time saying no on something like that.

But this whole thing with Voyager had me looking up a whole bunch of stuff online. Researching her name, her character history, everything. Not exactly an easy character to research either, when you have the space probe Voyager, Star Trek: Voyager and the band Voyager.

Either way, she’s somehow been erased from all of history, which is why you can’t find her in anything. Which is strange because pretty much every Avenger seems to know who the hell she is. So confused with it all.

At the same time, it’s peaked my interest. Because I think — and I’m JUST speculating — Voyager’s going to be the villain in all this.

Think about it. You’re going to tell me everything goes sideways — in a BIG way — across the globe, superheroes are freezing up for random reasons and this long-lost superhero shows up out of nowhere, lost in some other dimension or whatever, and that’s not somehow like to everything bad that’s happened? And I bet the heroes who’re frozen worked alongside her before she disappeared.

Plus, Earth was apparently RELOCATED. Just gone from the Milky Way out of nowhere. Ya think that maybe, JUST MAYBE, she brought Earth into whatever frigin place she’s been stuck?

Voyager’s the villain. Willing to bet you heard it here first. I know I haven’t read that anywhere else yet.

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