Dark Trinity: Spirits of Vengeance #4

I haven’t checked when the third issue came out, but it felt like it had been two months since the third issue. Whoever’s in charge of that, clean it up. Aside from Rogue and Gambit, it’s my favorite title going. And while I’m a Blade fan and enjoy Ghost Rider, I’ve never had an opinion on Hellstorm or Satana — so there’s no bias behind my statement.

I get this might be a test run, but you’d think taking a long time in between titles would be an easy way to lose readers. Personally, if it’s good I will wait, but not sure if that’s the case with the average reader.

Anyways, onto the actual content.

Looks like everyone in Hell is on board with the plan — including the Devil himself. Shouldn’t surprise anyone though, right? I mean, it’s the DEVIL we’re talking about here, not someone who generally straddles the line of good and evil.

But for some reason his kids, Hellstorm and Satana, were shocked by their old man raising up his army? Uhhh guys…HE’S THE DEVIL! Of course he’s going to have a hand in this all. Seems like to big a production for the Devil to not know what’s going on.

Now he one thing we saw that might throw things off is Necrodamus might want a sweetener on the deal. This could throw things off a bit, but, let’s be honest, Ghost Rider and Blade are going to stop the little sorcerer. ALTHOUGH, I think it’d be better if they didn’t, creates for a lot more action in upcoming issues.

But this issue was more about moving pieces in the right direction, versus a lot of fighting — which I think we’re about to get. Only fight was with that dwarf blacksmith, and Ghost Rider once again proved why he’s a cheat code in these fights.

One criticism I do have, there is ZERO character development in this series — fairly par for the course with what most of Marvel’s put out, that I’ve read at least. Now, there’s only so much you can do with some characters, especially in team issues. But this is solely a story based on a larger issue, that these characters happen to be dealing with. So maybe next time around they could take a deeper dive with the relationships these four have, or something to that affect.

Probably was best to not do that with the group forming at the start of the series though, seems to be a formula writers use.

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