Dark Trinity: What the hell is going on with Tom Holland and the Venom movie?

I wish I could clear everything up, but it seems like Tom Holland is actually keeping his mouth shut this time. Although it is early.

Anyways, if you have no idea what I’m getting at, there was a sick rumor going around that Spider-Man was going to appear in the new Venom movie with Tom Hardy — who I haven’t weighed in on yet, but I mean come on, he’s gonna be and AMAZING Eddie Brock. But THEN the next thing we hear is Holland will be in the movie, but he’s only going to be Peter Parker. No Spider-Man.

According to Jon Schnepp, it’s Peter Parker, not Spider-Man, so that seems to be where things are. With the Disney-Sony balancing act that obviously confuses everything. Willing to bet that’s why there’s been confusion over this.

At first, I was disappointed with it. Spidey versus Venom is one of the all-time best comic book rivalries. But this might actually be a better move for the character. Keep the focus on him. Don’t let the webhead get in the way. Otherwise fans will leave the movie wanting more Spider-Man or less. No one will be satisfied.

By just giving the little tease, like a peck on the cheek after a first or second date, it leaves the fans wanting more — knowing full well they’ll get more.

Bet that’s not where you thought I was going with that, huh? Seriously though, Venom’s a badass character even if he’s not one of your favorites. Personally, I’ve never really read his books. But I know what he’s about, and I know what Tom Hardy’s about. I also know he’s already a more believable Eddie Brock/Venom than Topher Grace. Though we all know that isn’t saying much.

As much as I’m not a big Spider-Man fan — I like him, he’s just not one of my favorites — I think this has amazing potential.


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