Dark Trinity: Red Hood #18

OK. We all know Bizarro’s got a bit of a screw loose. That will be addressed shortly.

Kind of a big picture issue I’m having with Scott Lobdell at the moment, which never happens. Don’t get me wrong, the story is still entertaining and it’s pretty much impossible for me to not get my hands on anything Red Hood related. This intensified focus on Bizarro, though, is getting a little annoying.

By no means does the plot need to move along. Lobdell does fine with all of that and I’m willing to bet the ending will be great. Like I’ve said before, he’s my favorite writer. At the same time, a big part of that is he writes a about RED HOOD. When I read a title called RED HOOD & The Outlaws, I expect the book to include him a bit more. Everything doesn’t need to be solely about him. For example, I loved what Lobdell did in the New 52 with Starfire going back to her home. It was focused around her and her sister, but we heard A LOT from Jason Todd.

He’s still heard, but far too distant behind Bizarro, who’s really not all that interesting.

That is, he hasn’t been immensely interesting until now. Now that he’s not only losing the battle between stupidity and brilliance, but he’s also losing his frigin mind. The behemoth is having conversations with is beloved stuffed Pup-pup and taking a dip in his makeshift synthetic-kryptonite Lazarus Pit.

And honestly, we know he did something with Ma Gunn. I’m not totally clear on it, but whatever it is, ain’t good.

This all goes to show Jason should’ve prepared with Artemis for this day. Because once Bizarro had any brainpower, he wasn’t giving it up. Further proving that ignorance truly is bliss.

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