Dark Trinity: Cable #153

So Blink’s finally working with Cable and his crew. But I’m jumping ahead.

This issue is more about about Gideon than anyone else. Wasn’t a big fan at first, but he’s turned into quite the problem. And looking at this, i don’t see how Cable can honestly win. We all know he will eventually, but he shouldn’t.

Why? Well, Gideon’s absorbed the powers of all the Externals he’s killed, right? Well Burke had precognitive abilities. Or did Gideon somehow magically absorb that but it doesn’t work for him like it did for Burke?

Sure, adding Selene and Blink to Cable’s group is great. They could put up a decent fight. But how are seven regular mutants and Selene supposed to fight Gideon, who’s now absorbed all the Externals of their power, save two.

Cable will somehow work things out because it’s Marvel. Willing to bet Armor plays the biggest role, they seem to be pushing her character more and more. She’s a decent character, too. The whole bunch, besides that Flubber wannabe Doop, is pretty interesting.

Again, only problem in all this is how the writers have developed Gideon into an unstoppable force to a point where he seems impossible to deal with — for THIS group. It’ll take some brilliant writing to give this story arc in the Cable title a justifiable ending.

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