Dark Trinity: Another Gambit director is out

Why? Why is it so damn hard to get this project rolling? Gambit is one of THE most badass characters in Marvel. Not just the X-Men, all of Marvel.

Should not be that hard to get this project done. I would think most people would want their name attached to this character, whether it’s a director or actors.

But now the project just saw it’s THIRD director leave. THIRD! (It was first reported by DEADLINE, and confirmed by The Hollywood Reporter and Variety.) How does this keep happening?

Was Gore Verbinski annoyed by the same things the previous two directors (Doug Liman and Rupert Wyatt) were? Is Channing Tatum creating a problem? Or someone else?

This is supposed to come out on Valentine’s Day next year. There’s been talk that it’d include his first love/wife Bella Donna. All makes sense. What’re we doing here people? Clean it up and get this show on the road.

Only thing that makes sense is Disney stepping in and changing things. Haven’t heard any rumor of that though.

Oh, and they’re getting a Kitty Pride movie off the ground. Obviously a very, VERY important character. But c’mon. Gambit’s a character everyone 20-35 years old grew up watching on FOX Kids.

I understand if there’s some level of apprehension given the popularity of the character and fear of screwing him up like Taylor Kitsch did. But you have a pretty good actor who’s committed to the role (and will at least make an ATTEMPT at doing a Cajun accent, unlike his predecessor). And the Bella Donna storyline’s a great place to start – although I think that’s the flashback portion of the show.

If you nail the look, make sure his kinetic energy glows pink, have a reasonably good actor and a solid story, what’s the problem?

(Tatum will at best earn a B in his interpretation. Not the guy I’d pick, just because he’s not all that good an actor. BUT he doesn’t seem like enough of a problem to be a part of what’s gone wrong.)

Saw some random person tweet about bringing in Christopher Nolan. That’d be GREAT! Won’t happen, but it’s be awesome. I’d just like it if they could find someone good and get him or her to stick around to the end. That’d be great.

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