Dark Trinity: Stan Lee accused of sexual misconduct

This is not why I got into writing about comics books. But I’d be doing you all a disservice by ignoring the news that recently shook the comic book world. According to the Daily Mail, Stan Lee has been accused of sexual misconduct. If you haven’t heard or read the alleged details from the Daily Mail story, you can find them in the article above. That’s not what I’m getting into here.

There’s no right way to approach this. If you condemn Lee based on this alone, you’re not giving him his chance to prove his innocence. If you take his side, you’re assuming the victims lied to get money.

That will get settled elsewhere and you can read about that on plenty of other sites. As I’ve made clear in the past, Dark Trinity is not going to provide the same content as everyone else on the internet. What’s the point?

My focus is on how this affects Marvel. It seems like the first reaction was that of disappointment, which I understand. But then people questioned whether or not Disney would press forward with the MCU and everything else with it.

Honestly, why would they stop? I legitimately can’t think of a reason. As much as Stan Lee has been a major part of every comic book fan’s life, Marvel is built to survive long past him. He’ll always be recognized as the King or Godfather of Marvel, but the creations will survive well past him as the movies and books continue to grow.

And if you want to not watch Marvel films or read Marvel books because of what he did, remember that he probably doesn’t have much in what goes on anymore. Truth be told, I don’t think of him much when think of Marvel. Obviously they go hand in hand, but I care most about today’s writers and artists. They’re developing the characters I now read. Never been much for the old comics books anyways.

Without Lee, there’s no doubt the nerd world would not be what it is today. Make no mistake though, it can and will survive long past him, no matter what else he does.

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