Dark Trinity: Rogue and Gambit #1

Recently, you may have noticed some favoritism on this blog towards DC Comics vs. Marvel. Primarily because DC’s writers have been awesome across the board, because both universes have a list of awesome characters.

That has not changed.

HOWEVER, I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the recent Astonishing X-Men issue and think it’s headed in the right direction, have mentioned how Spirits of Vengeance was a big surprise and that Moon Knight’s start with his Marvel Legacy run has been good.

But there’s nothing I appreciate more from Marvel than when they get my dude Remy LeBeau right. And there’s nothing better than pairing him up with his favorite gal Anna Marie.

Marvel’s new mini-series Rogue & Gambit was on my pull list at the comic shop the second I heard about it. Wouldn’t matter if it was good or not, Gambit is always must read material for me — which is why I started with the Astonishing X-Men in the first place.

Don’t recall ever reading anything Kelly Thompson’s ever written to this point, but I tell you what, if she keeps this up, she has my vote to continue this series past the currently approved 5 issues. Pere Perez’s art is awesome and Kris Anka did a great job with the first cover (and the second and third to be honest, which you can find here if you want).

Let’s go back to Thompson though. She’s clearly approached this love affair a bit differently that past writers.

First off, the humor is GOLD. Their discussion of Deadpool was PRICELESS! I had to read Rogue’s comeback twice because I could not believe someone thought of something that perfect. Gambit’s reaction was spot on, too. C’mon dude, we know you’ve done plenty of stuff with plenty of other women before you two met and when you’ve since broken up. That’s Gambit though. Regardless, the humor is much appreciated. This all leads into my second point.

This title is Rogue & Gambit, not the other way around like it would’ve been in the past. There’s a reason for that. Personally, you can do it whatever way you want, I’m just glad to see them in a book together. But Rogue is dealing with conflict within her, while Gambit’s giving his last effort at the woman he’s claimed to love above all others. Yet we see Gambit’s forcing the issue a bit much early, thinking, as always, his charm will solve everything. What he doesn’t realize — guy taking a big leap here — is she loved him more than he realizes and he’s hurt her so much that she’s terrified to get invested in them as a couple again. No amount of charm can get past that wall.

That being said, final point, I think they end up with things mended by the end of this. Not saying they’ll get back together in the fifth and final issue, but I think they’re going to be in a spot where the reader’s left thinking, “there’s a chance for these two.” Wouldn’t be surprised if Remy risks his life for his ex-girlfriend (even though she doesn’t usually need his help) and she comes to the realization that behind all the charm he actually loves her more than she realizes. And that he, like her, is a screw-up, just in a different manner.

If love stories piss you off, this might not be the title for you. Not necessarily my style typically. But this is one I will always and forever read. My favorite couple in all of Marvel, whether they’re fighting or not. Might even be my favorite couple in all of comics. That’s a story for another day though.

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