Dark Trinity: Astonishing X-Men #7

First off, SO glad the Astonishing X-Men decided to follow the rest of Marvel and have a similar cover formatting. Not that the art or much changed, it’s just a nice old school touch with a character’s head or logo (which DC kind of does now). Which is something not normally up my alley, given I like everything new in the world of comics. Also, can’t go wrong with Gambit being the character head you use.

Not sure what’s weirder, the fact Professor Xavier is in Fantomex’s body (which we saw at the end of Astonishing X-Men #6) or that he was somehow able to get ride of the evil portion of Archangel. Him coming back to life isn’t weird at all of comics, but how it happens is never the same. And like Logan said, every time he’s come back to life, he’s never been the same person.

And we’re seeing that with X, Xavier’s new nickname. He clearly has a little Fantomex inside, but why is that? If he agreed with giving Xavier his life back, then why would his personality show up here and there. Something tells me Fantomex was not fully on board with giving up on the real world. He’s a bit too much of a degenerate for that. That could also explain why he wants to be called X and not Professor X or Xavier. Plus, X is of course the same sound at the end of FantomEX.

Conspiracy theory? Yeah, you bet when it comes to comics.

But so far, X is showing he can do a lot of good — other than that big green monster he created at the end that’s somehow the creature known as Mutant X or Proteus. Obviously not deliberate.

This is the start of a new series in the Astonishing X-Men title, in case you weren’t aware. Seems like a very good start and has much more potential to be much better than the previous six issues.

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