Dark Trinity: 2017 in Nerd-dom

What a year in comic book-related entertainment. There hasn’t quite been a year like this yet, even though it seems like every year could be better than the next — including 2018 with Infinity Wars and Deadpool 2 set to rock our worlds, not to mention Blank Panther, Dark Phoenix, New Mutants and what will hopefully be another badass Aquaman appearance from Jason Momoa.

This year was different though. 2017 brought along 3 game-changing superhero movies, a fourth one that was AWESOME and Justice League, which is far better than credits give it credit for, but they could’ve done much better.

Thor: Ragnarok turned the God of Thunder into one of the elite characters in the MCU. Don’t try “he was in all the Avengers movies” on me because Hawkeye was, too, and he could not be less important in any of this.

He actually has a personality now and has a chance at being the funniest character in the MCU, passing up Chris Pratt. Personally, never thought much of Thor either way. Didn’t love him, didn’t hate him. Thought his movies were among the lesser ones in the MCU, as most do. But this . . . this was the best MCU solo-superhero film. Yes, there was more than one super, but this was not on the same level as an Avengers film or Captain America: Civil War. The sole focus was Thor, that’s it. Even then, I’d rather watch it than pretty much any movie in the MCU other than Winter Soldier, Civil War and maybe Guardians.

Then there was Wonder Woman. Of course she’s been huge for the female fans who’ve long-awaited a solo movie for a female character. (There was Catwoman with Halle Berry, but that doesn’t really count and Suicide Squad with Margot Robbie, but that was a team movie.) Not only was it great, but she gave the DCEU LIFE! It’s the only well-regarded movie in that universe.

But that’s all stuff you already know. Personally, never cared much for Wonder Woman beforehand. Always saw her as a a Superman-equivalent and he does nothing for me. yet now, I own a Wonder Woman POP? Serously, Gal Gadot is a legend. Great to hear she’s the top-grossing actress last year and the third-most among all actors. She better start getting bigger cuts of the cash.

Wonder Woman was number 2 for me in 2017, Thor was 3

Now Spider-man was a good movie. I didn’t love it like the others in 2017, but it was definitely well done. (Flash Thompson is TERRIBLY written though, don’t care if that’s what modern bullies are like now.) But I’ve never been a crazy Spider-man fanboy either, which is why it’s the movie I described as awesome, but not game-changing.

But my 1 HAS to be Logan. It is one of the best superhero movies EVER, right there with the Christian Bale Batman movies. Yeah, there’s some level of bias in me that factors in, but if you watch it and don’t walk away thinking for at least a second that’s a top-3 superhero movie all-time, I’d be shocked.

Rated-R violence for one of the most vicious superheroes ever. X-23 was just as much a badass as her old man — and that saying something. And it gave us closure on to STUNNING character portrayals with both Wolverine and Professor X.

It’ll be tough for 2018 to top that, but right now most would bet it will given the lineup Marvel’s now trotting out.

In looking at my own nerdy growth, this is the year DC comics became the dominant force in my fandom. Still love me some X-Men, Moon Knight and Deadpool, but Red Hood has become my favorite character, without question. He’s why I gave Rebirth a chance, and I could not be more grateful for that.

In looking at new Titles/arcs, he Spirits of Vengeance, as I’ve mentioned before, has been a big surprise and is my absolute favorite ongoing Marvel title — but will hopefully be passed up by the upcoming Rogue and Gambit miniseries. DC and IDW pleasantly surprised me with Batman/TMNT II and continues to dominate with the other Rebirth titles.

On the TV side, we saw The Walking Dead storm back with SO MUCH ACTION. Even though the ratings have struggled a bit recently, the show has gotten back to what most love — fighting. Will it last another few years? Not sure. But it’s a ride I would love to see last a few more years.

Game of Thrones continued it’s insanity. Finally the (living) Stark children are back together. We all found out John Snow is half Stark, half Targaryen and that Ned Stark was truly the GREATEST man ever. Can’t believe there’s only a little left of the show. But it seem there could be some spin-offs? Not sure if those will work, but HBO would be stupid not to try, given the amazing, nonstop success.

When it came to online streaming, Netflix gave us the Punisher, the Defenders and the Iron Fist. The latter two paled in comparison to the Punisher, but were of course important pieces regarding the development of the Netflix Marvel Universe.

There’s so much more I’m not addressing (including Star Wars!!!) and just based on this alone, I think it’s safe to say there’s never been a better time to be a nerd.

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