Dark Trinity: Catching up from Christmas…Star Wars, TMNT & Batman and more

Hope everyone’s holidays are going well. Things have been a bit off the wall between radio work and mandatory writing responsibilities again. Not a excuse, unfortunately this is one of the first things to back a back seat when things get busy on my end.

But there’s been a lot to process lately, so let’s catch up. (SPOILERS AHEAD)

The Last Jedi (AGAIN)

I know I already wrote a post on this once I finally saw the movie, but I saw it again. And it makes a difference.

If you didn’t like it before, watch it again. Knowing what to expect helps you process everything. There’s a lot going on, which isn’t exactly a secret, so giving it a second chance should help catch anything you might miss.

One of a few things for me, which helped turn it from an 8.1 to an 8.7, was I realized the mirror wasn’t showing Rey her parents were scoundrels or degenerates. The point was it doesn’t matter who her parents are/were. She had the power of the force and could rise to a position to help others.

As much as Rian Johnson might be the weirdest human being ever, if that was his point with Rey, I get it and appreciate it. But knowing how he wanted to change Star Wars or whatever, makes me want to hate this movie. I really don’t care enough to read into what that means or why he feels one of the most successful franchises needs to change, but just don’t let him make any more of these.

I like this movie, but knowing his motivation behind it annoys me.

Rey’s a bad ass. Poe’s reckless. Chewbacca is Chewbacca. Kylo’s a petulant child with to much power like his grandfather. Those things make Star Wars awesome. Not a bunch of deeper meaning BS.

Again, Johnson did fine, his motivations are what bother me. Very glad J.J. Abrams is coming back.

Batman and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II

This is something I never thought I’d be interested in. Batman’s cool and all, don’t get me wrong, but everyone always has to be paired up with him or fighting him. Gets a little annoying after a while. That’s pretty much the reason I don’t read much of his stuff.

This is great though! Fired right through the first six-issue series before reading this and was very impressed. Hadn’t read or watch anything TMNT related since the cartoons. Honestly, never read their comics before either. But this series could led me down that road.

Always liked Michelangelo and Raphael, which is probably the case for most. But the fixture is Donatello dealing with being the worst fighter in the family, then teleporting to Batman’s reality to ask for help, but somehow sends Bane to his home in the process.

Bane’s obviously one of Batman’s more gruesome villains, so he creates an interesting contrast with the much more kiddy-like TMNT. Also, never been a BIG Damien fan. He’s fine in small doses, but I usually what him out of the picture ASAP. This is the one time I LOVE having him around. Kid is the total opposite of Michelangelo. I honestly would love to read a book of those two working together.

Also, BIG FAN of the artwork so far. Freddie Williams II did a great job in the first series and continues to bring it. Definitely not how you’d normally want Batman drawn, but he’s dealing with much different characters. Giving them a slightly more jacked-cartoonish feel, is perfect and Batman can pull off that look well. (He can pull off pretty much any look honestly.

Great title, looking forward to the rest of it.

Moon Knight #193

Things have, uh…taken quite a turn.

So Marlene had a kid with Marc Spector (technically Jake Lockley, but c’mon) and he had no idea. Wonder if he doesn’t look at the child as his, since he has no recollection of raising her. It’s beyond strange, cannot imagine living with this sort of disorder.

But, one might think — assuming Spector and Marlene make it out alive — this could actually help Spector get back with her. They have a reason to try and Malene said she still loved him for a while, which is why she started seeing one of his other personalities.

There’s obviously the argument that it’s not safe to be around him, even if he dropped the whole Moon Knight thing. But clearly she’s always going to love him. I don’t know, love’s always so damn complicated.

Moving on to 2018

So where does this blog go from here? It’s been inconsistent of late and I’ve struggled to string together consecutive days for a while now.

As is stands, the expectation to get back on track with writing daily posts starting Tuesday (January 2nd). They won’t always be immensely long — which might be for the best — but they’ll continue to be worth your time.

If I miss a day, you’ll at least get a post stating what’s to come. If there are two subjects to address, I’ll do a similar style to todays.

Excited to keep this rolling, have a safe and happy start to your 2018!

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