Dark Trinity: Tales of Suspense #100

One thing I learned about the comic book industry from watching Robert Kirkman’s Secret history of Comics (which I still need to review), is artists never get the respect they deserve. Writers are always the more revered individuals. One thing I’ve noticed, and I guarantee I’m not in the minority here, writers are generally the reason I stick around when I read a book. ARTISTS, on the other had, can be what gets me into a book.

Look, we all have characters we’re going to read no matter what. But artists can lead you into something new. And they can turn an average book into a really good book and really good into great. For instance, nothing in the comic book world bothers me more than when Red Hood has a face on his mask. don’t get me wrong, he’s always going to be “the man,” but it definitely takes away from his badass appearance.

Now when you look at the cover for Tales of Suspense #100 with Winter Soldier and Hawkeye on the cover, how can you not want to at least give it a shot?

Winter Soldier has been my favorite character in the MCU since his introduction, but I’m not necessarily dying to read books he’s in either. I read the Ed Brubaker collection and wasn’t exactly overwhelmed. The writing was alright, but I wasn’t big on the art.

But he looks like a BAD ASS on the cover. Pairing him with Hawkeye is a fairly neutral add, but the cover made me think “Nick, you have to at least give it a shot.”

First thing I’ll say — and I wouldn’t call this a spoiler — you may be a bit confused by some of what’s gone on if you didn’t read Secret Empire — the Series where (SPOILERRR) Captain America came out as a member of Hydra.

That’s my biggest concern reading this book. If you’ve read Secret Empire, you’ll be fine, for sure. If you’re like me, well I can’t say I have any idea how this 5-part mini-series is going to transpire. But I’m sticking along for the ride. Can’t help myself.

The one other thing I’ll say about this issue: too much Hawkeye. He is not the draw in all of this. By far the most ridiculed Avenger in today’s pop culture. Winter Soldier on the other hand, is a LEGEND. Feed me as much of him as you can. It should be at the most 60-40 in terms of who talks. And I really don’t want to see all of this with Clint Barton’s narrating.

Seems like it’s worth reading another issue. Again, I’ll read it the whole way through, but I WILL inform you when I think it’s time to jump ship.

(And I will be reviewing Batman/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II issues #1-2 by Christmas.)

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