Dark Trinity: The Last Jedi

Finally saw it. Spoilers fast approaching.

BUT FIRST, as a general note. I think it’s a good movie, 8.1 out of 10. I think it’s something you need to see twice to get the full effect of it, which I will be doing soon. That’s pretty much all I have to say in general terms.


There is so much to address in all of this. I think for the sake of not drowning you guys, we’ll keep it to three general things, plus cool little things I liked.

First, are we dealing with a love trapezoid or something? Feels like there’s definitely something between Finn and Rey. Early on it seemed like Finn has some deep feelings for her, focusing solely on getting away to make sure she’s safe. Obviously he has no idea she’s in a much better position to take care of herself.

But when they meet up, the embrace didn’t feel like an “Oh I missed you, I never want to be away from you again,” embrace, on either end. Felt more like “I am so relieved you’re okay, you had me worried.” There’s a difference. Plus there was no awkward love stare.

Which we saw a bunch between Rey and Ren, then surprisingly from Rose right before she gave Finn a peck.

Rose having a thing for Finn was kind of thrust on us at the end. I may be overthinking that part. May really just be a love triangle instead of a trapezoid.

But I KNOW Ren loves Rey and she definitely had some things running through her mind. Ren wanted her right by his side so they could rule the galaxy with ease. I don’t know how I feel about it all entirely. I mean, I get it from Ren’s perspective. The dude is more messed up than the entire X-Men franchise. She’s obviously attractive, powerful and wants to see the good in Ren. Or at least she did.

Rey though, I feel like this is the classic situation where a girl sees a guy who’s a project that she wants to fix. He’s shown some sliver of good in him, so she thinks she can bring him back and change him. In reality, Ren is evil, he will remain that way.

I can’t imagine things work out for these two kids, which is pretty much what we saw at the end. But I’m not certain on where things go with her and Finn. Especially if she’s committed to being a jedi. We all know what happened the last time a jedi took a lover.

Second, what in God’s name is the purpose of frigin Snoke? Seemed like we were getting a crazy awesome villain who could’ve had an extensive background. We know nothing about his origin. Not that we did about Darth Sidious/Emperor Palpatine either, until the dreaded prequels gave us a bit more insight.

Seems like it was a waste of a character with so much potential. And now, you’re stuck with Ren and General Hux. Ren doesn’t bother me, but most people hate him. Not like, “oh I hate him, but really appreciate that about him.” It feels like people would’ve rather seen Ren die than Snoke. He’s a whiney kid, who makes Hayden Christensen’s interpretation of Anakin Skywalker seem like a somewhat mentally stable person.

And Hux isn’t a real villain either. I mean, he’s more comedic relief now than anything. Whic is alright, I guess. But that’s not what he was in The Force Awakens. And we all know a quality villain is almost as important — if not equally important — as a a quality hero.

Last, before the random things I enjoyed, Luke Skywalker’s role in the movie.

In the past, Luke’s been THE MAN. He brought balance to the force, saved his dad, blah, blah, blah… he was everyone’s hero that’d seen the movie. In The Last Jedi, it seems like he’s a bit unhinged. In part, it’s his fault Ren turned. Personally, I blame him more than anyone, even if Ren had a darkness in him that needed addressing.

The main difference between Luke’s failure and Obi-Wan’s is the former saw his padawan losing his way, but he didn’t address it well. He probably addressed it the worst way one could. Obi-Wan on the other hand, ignored it and didn’t do enough to communicate with his apprentice.

But some have expressed frustration with Luke’s flaws in the movie. Personally, watching 4-6 as I’ve gotten older, I’ve liked Luke a lot less. It seems like he’s always been a bit whiney and needed his hand held. Sure by the end he was a bit more certain in everything he did, once Yoda was gone — but that seed of doubt was always a part of him. Thusly, I’m not shocked that:

A) his padawan turned


B) Luke’s own self-doubt played a pivotal part in it all

So if you think Luke was ruined in this movie, go back and watch 4-6 again and tell me I’m wrong.

Alright, time for the random awesome parts:

The Opening scene was absolutely AMAZING. Wish there was more of Poe Dameron in an X-Wing. Such an underutilized character in this movie.

Chewy flying the Millennium Falcon gave me goosebumps. There’s something about that ship flying around in tight corners that fires me up. Can’t explain why though.

The creatures created for the film were a nice touch. The Porgs (penguin-like creatures) were hilarious and the Crystal Foxes were sick, too. Obviously neither of them were important, but they’re nice adds.

Last thin, so glad Captain Phasma’s dead. Someone tried to tell me that was an attempt at another cool looking villain, like Boba Fett and Darth Maul. Well that was an epic failure. Nothing about Phasma was appealing. Honestly can’t believe there’s a comic book line for that character.

Again, I recommend seeing it again. Definitely a lot to take in. I will be doing that for sure and maybe come back with more insight or a different opinion on some of the bigger things I’ve already discussed.

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