Dark Trinity: Surviving the internet without having seen The Last Jedi

I still have yet to see The Last Jedi. Seems like everyone and their mother has seen it, except the person I promised to go see it with. Our work schedules don’t exactly work well for things like this, but he’s really into Star Wars now and wants to see it with me, asked me months ago.

I’ll say this, if we don’t see it on Thursday or Friday, I’ll go watch it by myself. Because I can’t take handle the internet right now.

You’ve got the Star Wars people running the ad campaign telling you “don’t let anyone spoil this for you” or whatever, meanwhile half of Twitter and Instagram is teasing everyone with fake spoilers, or “I’ll say this, which won’t spoil anything…”

Let me tell you something, it will spoil something. Your fake takes spoil stuff. Because when you joke and say something like “Luke will fly on the back of a pig…haha jk,” you’re spoiling that for me. Now I KNOW there’s no shot Luke Skywalker will fly while riding a pig in the movie. (Yes, I understand my example is dumb, JUST FOCUS ON THE POINT.)

And I never used to be one to freak out about spoilers, maybe in my advanced age of 26 I’ve just become more aware of the spoilers. I don’t think I ran into as many issue until the Walking Dead came out, where I’d fall behind for weeks at a time with all the travel in college and I’d have to watch out at parties to make sure no one said anything to ruin an episode.

No joke, I know someone who had the Glenn “death” spoiled for him. Stopped watching the show from there. Never came back.

Also, I’m much more social media-conscious now with Twitter being an important part of my work, I’m constantly scrolling on eggshells. Meanwhile all I really need is any updates in the sporting world.

But I will see it this week, hope like hell no one ruins it before that. Most people I’ve spoken with gave it at least an 8.5 out of 10. One person said B-, one said “you will be disappointed.” Doubtful, but we’ll see.

Just realized the second issue of Batman and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II comes out this week. I’ll be reviewing that. Pretty sure Tales of Suspense with Winter Solider and Hawkeye starts this week, as well. I may keep that review more general, but I think that’ll be a very good Marvel title. Not sure outside of that, but I’ll give you an idea with the next post.

Last thing. I’m sure everyone’s gotten their holiday shopping done — if you haven’t, what the hell’s the matter with you? But something to keep in mind for the future is the website teepublic.com. They are not a sponsor of this blog or anything, yet, but I’m saying this more so for you than I am for them. Great customizable tees at a reasonable price — and they usually run sales if you wait long enough. I’ve bought most of my comic book related tees from them and they do other things, like tanks, phones cases, notebooks and quite a bit more. Seriously, this isn’t a paid ad. I just want you guys to know about what I’ve found to be the best option out there.

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