Dark Trinity: Cable #152

Of all the series I’m currently reading and up to date on (Red Hood and the Outlaws, Spirits of Vengeance, Astonishing X-Men, Batman/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II and Moon Knight), the Cable series, Newer Mutants, has to be my least favorite. Granted, I really like all the others. Some more than others, but I would think most people like the other five titles I’m following.

Can’t necessarily say the same about this one. I feel like Cable’s a character that’ll translate better to the big screen than he can in the book. There’s a lot of potential, but I always seem disappointed after reading anything he’s involved in, other than the Split Second mini-series with Deadpool. I haven’t read EVERYTHING he’s been in, but I’ve read enough to have a grasp of how he’s been handled, particularly of recent.

He could be great but I truly feel like he’s never better than good. I’ll still read things he’s involved in because I’ll never give up hope.

But looking at where things are in this issue, we’ve seen Gideon come forth as the antagonist. Sure he’s all-powerful because he’s an external, but he’s not someone that makes me want to read more. And as much as we all appreciate a good hero, a great villain is just as important.

That being said, I do think Cable’s team has serious potential. X-23 is always a great add. Longshot and Shatterstar are both pretty cool. Armor is someone I’m not remotely familiar with, but I like her. Plays kind of that Jubilee-type role, except she has much cooler powers (generates a giant exoskeleton that gives her enhanced strength and reflexes, etc.) Only guy I don’t like is Doop. I get he has a purpose, just doesn’t do it for me.

But they’ll need to improve the villains going forward. Based on the ending, it looks like we’re in store for some twists and some AWESOME fight sequences. Maybe the title will start to gain some momentum.

As it stands, this title gets a 6.73 on my scale of 1-Red Hood . . . I mean 1-10.

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