Dark Trinity: Red Hood and the Outlaws #17

First things first, Artemis has really become an awesome character. She’s got a pissed off, “the hell you just say?” kind of attitude and I love it. That’s on full display in the most recent Red Hood and the Outlaws issue when she’s split off with Harley Quinn by Bizzaro.

As great as she’s been, I’m not a big Bizzaro guy. He’s not a bad character in these team-ups, but he’s not great either. If you rank the Outlaws Red Hood’s worked with between the New 52 and Rebirth, it’d probably go Aresenal, Artemis, Starfire, then a huge drop-off to Bizzaro. And if you tried to make the case for Artemis over Arsenal, I’d be willing to listen. She’s a badass. (Starfire’s great, but clearly third on this list.)

Lobdell left us thinking something’s wrong with Bizarro and Artemis is unsettled about Amanda Waller letting them get so easily. Not sure if the Waller thing will become and issue any time soon, but I certainly don’t trust Bizzaro. Dude got too smart too fast and he’s terrified about the day were he becomes a drooling idiot again.

Last thing, Killer Croc needs to SHUT HIS DAMN MOUTH. Red Hood is a badass. He will absolutely go back to killing people because he IS NOT BATMAN. Don’t try to put him on Arsenal’s level. Roy Harper had problems and he ran away from them — not that Jason Todd doesn’t have issues. But the Todd we see is much different than the kid he was years ago and obviously significantly different from when he first returned as Red Hood years ago.

The last thin I want is for him to stop killing bad guys completely. That’s one of the reason I like him so much. He’s sarcastic like Deadpool (obviously slightly less intense) and will kill anyone who deserves to die like the Punisher. That’s why I like him so much. You take away either of those things and he’s not the same character anymore. And I’d make the argument his willingness to cross that line is what makes him awesome. So different from Batman. The personality helps make Todd great, but it’s secondary in the scheme of things. Yes I know he’s been not killing people all issue and sarcastic as ever, but until now I’ve never really thought he turn to not killing criminals and villains.

Lodbell wouldn’t do that to Todd. He can’t. Too valuable a character to do something like that. Especially since that series has sold so well.

Looking ahead, as I alluded to before, Bizarro will be the next problem for the team. He’s going to cross a line in order to stay smart or he’ll cross the line somewhere else and piss off Artemis. That’ll force Todd to take sides, probably hers, and be the next story arc we see.

ALSO . . . Red Hood brought up Arsenal for the first time in a while. I think he’s only come up once, maybe twice so far. Croc brought up Starfire and I’m fairly certain we had not heard about her at all yet in the Red Hood and the Outlaws Rebirth. Would LOVE to see those two come back for a couple books to help out. Don’t know if that’s realistic, but it’d be a great stick tap* to the BRILLIANT New 52 storyline.

(Stick tap is a hockey term I assume most of you don’t know. It’s basically either viewed as a congratulations or a sign of respect, the latter being what I mean here.)

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