Dark Trinity: The Walking Dead, Marvel and more

Finally back from Florida. Had a great time at the MLB Winter Meetings, but man was it nonstop. I was honestly thinking about my lack of posts over those days constantly. But by the time I got back everyday, and when I was waking up, I just didn’t have the opportunity.

But now, it’s time to catch up on some of the major things that went down to reboot the blog.

First, haven’t seen The Last Jedi yet. Don’t comment with spoilers.

Honestly, you should be caught up on The Walking Dead by now, but I will be fair and warn you there are SPOILERS ahead

Regarding the midseason finale: DAMN. Complete chaos, despair, hope and death. Most important thing though was Carl dying, of course. He’s had his dumb moments of late — one of course leading to the frigin bite — but he’s grown quite a bit. That scene where he talked to Negan was BAD ASS and a perfect example.

But this phenomenon where everyone’s so outraged by Carl dying? What is going on??

Yeah it’s sad. He was one of four left from Atlanta (excluding Morgan). He’s a kid, I get that, too. But I swear I’ve never heard someone said someone say “I like Carl,” unless there’s a “don’t” right before “like”. More often than not, I’ve defended the kid because that’s all he is, a kid. Now everyone’s up in arms over him dying.

First off, he’s technically not dead yet. We’ve all heard the fan theories. (Although, Chandler Riggs’s dad is saying they fired his kid, which is a whole other thing.)

Second, if he is definitely dead, he’s not dying a painful death. Yeah he got bitten, that sucks, probably doesn’t feel good. But I’d say it’s one of the more mild endings to a character we’ve seen. Maybe even the most mild. (As I write this, I’m remembering back to Dale’s death on the farm where a walker ripped his stomach open. AND I’LL GIVE YOU ONE GUESS WHO’S FAULT THAT ONE WAS.)

So everyone who’s claiming Carl’s death is so much more unfair than the others, you don’t understand the show. No one is safe. We’ve thought so many times Daryl might die. Glenn IS dead. Hershel. Sasha. SOPHIA! BETH! Anyone can die. Yes, it’s sad. But this is a sadder version of the sad world we all live in.

I know Rick still has Judith, so there’s something to live for (because I could see this somehow effecting his relationship with Michone), but I really hope he loses his mind and ENDS the saviors.

IN OTHER, HAPPIER NEWS, Disney bought Fox and we’ll finally see the X-Men paired with the rest of Marvel (and I guess the Fantastic 4, too, big whoop). Biggest concern I think everyone has is how Deadpool gets handled. I know there’ve been multiple higher ups at Marvel and Disney saying they hope to keep the R rating and are trying to find a way to make it work.

There is no “hope” or “try” with this. Develop another branch of the studio or something and keep the Disney name out of it as much as possible. If you make Deadpool PG-13 you will lose the casual fan and the loyal ones won’t be happy either. Don’t even know how Ryan Reynolds would handle the idea. And if you don’t have him on board, Deadpool will NOT succeed.


I’LL BE REVIEWING this week’s issue of Red Hood and the Outlaws (#17) this weekend, just picked it up the other day. Couple other titles coming down the line are Rogue and Gambit in January, which should be awesome. This month, Tales of Suspense with Winter Soldier and Hawkeye looks promising, too. I’m also hopping on the Batman-Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles team-up train. Plan to start reviewing that once the second issue comes out.

LASTLY, the final episode of Robert Kirkman’s Secret History of Comics came out this past week. I have it saved in the DVR. So far every episode has been fascinating. Maybe I’ll do a quick post on that some point this week.

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