Dark Trinity: Spirits of Vengeance

Already read my books that came out today (Wednesday), the Astonishing X-Men (#6) and Spirits of Vengeance (#3). We’ve already discussed the X-Men title recently, but it looks like I jinxed it because the art in this issue is completely different than what we saw in the previous five issues.

Also, looks like there’s another X-Men title coming, probably just a five-book series, Rogue and Gambit. Very excited for that. Also, I’m looking forward to the Winter Soldier and Hawkeye team-up in the Tales of Suspense coming out later this month.

I mentioned recently how the Spirits of Vengeance is my favorite ongoing title in Marvel. Keep in mind I’m also reading the Moon Knight Legacy series “Crazy Runs in the Family” and the Cable Legacy series “Newer Mutants.” Five Marvel titles gives me a decent idea of what’s going on with Marvel. (By the way, this will be spoiler free.)

Spirits of Vengeance is the title you NEED to try out. I was hooked after reading the first one and always itching for the next issue.

But my reading this title isn’t rooted from following Ghost Rider or anything like that. I do like Blade, but, at the time, I didn’t like him enough that I’d but a book he’s featured in with two other characters I know ABSOLUTELY NOTHING about.

The cover drew me in. Good first cover. Artworks wasn’t particularly mind-blowing but it was different than anything else I’d seen of recent, but it characterized the foursome well. And all four have kept my attention, I’ve been very surprised by my appreciation for Ghost Rider and Hellstorm. Blade’s awesome, still my favorite in the bunch. But on these three alone you have a mix in personalities and people that are more together out of necessity than choice.

Here’s my thing, though, when you’re sitting there wondering if you should invest the time: I DO NOT usually like these types of Mystical characters and conflicts. Don’t know why, it just doesn’t do it for me.

The Spirits of Vengeance is an exception though. And if you’re not that familiar with these characters, that’ OK. It’s still a great title and they highlight a character’s past as needed and give you what you need to know.

I’m not saying this is Red Hood Rebirth or anything, but I’m definitely now a bigger fan of Blade and Ghost Rider because of the series. It’s something new in terms of the team, but with characters we’ve all heard of.

Something newer that Marvel actually got right for a change, instead of creating 50 new characters to replace the current ones.

The Spirits of Vengeances series earns an objective B, That’s me being OBJECTIVE though. I still thinks it’s the best ongoing Marvel series and give it an A-.

If you get started with it, be sure to let me know!

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