Dark Trinity: TWD Episode 7 & Power Rankings

Never thought I’d see an episode entirely devoted to Eugene, who has definitely become the most infuriating character on the show. That’s assuming he wasn’t already for some of you. Jesus is starting to get on my nerves a bit and some may think “Gregory’s unbearable.” Yes, but I expect nothing from Gregory, he’s worthless.

Back to Eugene. Other than the four minutes it took to attack the sanctuary and the time devoted to Rick and the Scavengers, Sunday was all about the mullet.

Not to get too deep and philosophical . . . actually that’s exactly what I’m going to do.

I’ve come to realize something about Eugene and what he and several other characters represent. We all love characters like Maggie and Daryl because they’ve grown and thrived as much as one can in an apocalyptic zombie America. They are who we all like to think we’d become. Even Negan’s like that to some extent because at least he’s in control of himself and everything go on — up until recently. We see our ideal self in Maggie and Daryl — and Negan kind of, too.

Eugene is on the opposite end of the spectrum. He had the on instance of honor when he tried to save the Alexandria group when they were first dealing with Negan, but that’s it. Every other tie he’s disappointed us. He’s the pathetic, sniveling softy that relies on others to protect him and REFUSES to return the favor at any turn. Sure he’s got smarts. Makes bullets, too. But in this world, he’s a liability when things go sideways, which happens pretty frequently in case you didn’t notice.

But any of us could easily be Eugene. Not the smarts part, the chicken part. We all want to think we’d learn to fight and get out of every jam that comes our way. No one’s that stupid though, everyone knows things wouldn’t always workout in the real world like they do on this show. I’d like to think I wouldn’t be Eugene, but I’m not dumb enough to assume I’d be Daryl or Maggie either. Hopefully it never comes to that.

All that being said, they **shockingly** left us all thinking Eugene is still on Rick’s side. Truthfully though, my prediction is he dies, sacrificing himself for Rick’s group. Something tells me they’ll make Eugene go out on a positive note. I don’t like that idea, but that’s what my gut tells me.

One last note before power rankings, Tara may be second-most annoying person on the show.

Power Rankings

5. Negan – He didn’t do a whole hell of a lot this episode, but give him credit for the way he’s firing up Eugene. He may be book smart, but Negan’s street smart and KNOWS how to make someone feel more important than they are.

4. Rick – Getting out of that jam and turning things the way he did on Jadis, bravo.

3. Daryl – He got it done like he said he would. Cost some innocent lives, which I think he knows, but this is an odd situation where things like that may happen. Hopefully it doesn’t cost the Alexandria group anything serious. Something tells me the workers at the Sanctuary may rise up to try and help Negan win the fight.

2. Dwight – He’d been caught, knew Eugene had a few chances to turn him in, but stood strong the whole time. Dwight’s committed to the plan and deserves credit. Unfortunately he doesn’t realize all he’s getting at the end of this a bullet (or arrow).

1. Rosita – Never thought I’d see her walk away from an opportunity to screw Negan over. Bold move walking away from that situation. The plan wound up working out well enough, but it felt like Daryl might die, especially when Michonne left.

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