Dark Trinity: Justice League

This is why you can’t just go by what Rotten Tomatoes says. I don’t read their reviews, and I think most people just check the score and that’s part of the problem. At the same time, superhero movies can survive these bad ratings — for now.

I look at Justice League and aside from the general entertainment, one word comes to mind to describe what I saw: potential. I really enjoyed it, but if I’ve being objective, I give it a B. Certainly not a frigin F. It did seem like a lot was crammed into such a tight space, but the action was great and the characters were phenomenal.

And that’s what matters most, the characters were awesome.

Cyborg seems like a much more dynamic character than I initially expected. I think he could legitimately carry a solo film and do well, though I can’t say I know much at all about the character.

Wonder Woman’s still amazing. And if we’re all being objective, she’s the best character in the DCEU. Although, there’s one who could pass her.

Superman is what he is, which is fine. I think it’s hard to portray that character this day in age, plus he’s just on a completely different level from everyone else.

Batman is not my favorite. I think Ben Affleck’s a perfect Bruce Wayne, but I’m just not buying him as the Bat. Plus, I like a Batman who can move around, isn’t so clunky. I think the character’s a B.

The Flash is the CW is definitely better than this guy. I think they amplified his oddities a bit too much for my liking. Maybe trying to appeal to the Spiderman fans and the modern kid a bit more. He was probably the worst character in the League to be honest. But even then, he can still hold a movie on his own.

Then there’s my guy. The man. Frigin Aquaman. Never thought I’d appreciate this character, but Jason Mamoa was awesome. And I don’t think there are too many diehard Aquaman fans out there that’d have a problem with the portrayal. Primarily because I don’t think those people exist, but he turned this character into the bad ass of the group. That’s mainly just because Mamoa’s a bad ass, but it doesn’t matter. Whatever gets the job done. And I seriously walked out and said I LOVE AQUAMAN. Still kinda shocked.

One thing I’d like to mention, I don’t care what the hell his reasoning was, what the HELL is wrong with Henry Cavill. Shave that damn mustache and go play the man who’s practically invincible and just saved the world, AGAIN. That CGI was absolutely BRUTAL. Now, had I not heard about it beforehand, maybe I don’t notice it. But I did. And a lot of other people will hear about it at some point and notice. And some people will probably notice it without being warned.

Seriously, this is the same guy who talked about the direction of the DCEU a little while back. He was fairly critical for someone so intertwined with the production, then you pull something like that, that distraction?

And it was just a moustache. Not a beard or a goat, a moustache. And I don’t think it was November at the time either. Not OK.

But like I said, a good movie, even though it’s still a delicate situation with the masses.

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